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from a distance: deep dive VIDEO reading

Looking to dive in deep? Need to make sense of a large problem or thought process? Looking for guidance on your Saturn Return? Wondering how to work with your shadow self? Are you an artist looking to unblock the fog to your genius? Just want some deliciously deep knowledge on how you're going? - This reading is for you! 

  • With a video chat reading, I set an intention and create a sacred space for the reading despite distance. I can tap into your energy and connect with your Higher Self to cover a lot of emotional ground even with a screen between us. 
  • One follow up question regarding the reading included
  • 60 min reading: $100*
  • 90 min reading: $140*

*I love the ability to offer financially accessible readings through email, but if you are wanting deeper insight and conversation with an in-person or video reading but cannot currently afford the price, please(!) write to me so we can work together to design a reading that fits both our needs.