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vessel: monthly re-occurring 60 or 90 minute tarot consult

Vessel is the perfect reading if you’re looking to connect with ongoing intuitive consult.

•Work on unblocking shadows
•Develop a deeper sense of self trust + connection to your intuition
•Connect with your inner child/teen/elder
•Commit to unlearning toxic patterns
•Ongoing sessions allow for a deeper foundation of trust between us, meaning we can dig deeper into the vulnerable space and excavate old wounding and re-frame old stories.

With this 60/90 minute in-person/video chat reading, we establish a deeper connection as we hold space for where you're at and allow healing to unfold organically. This reading will combine tarot, oracle, and intuitive wisdom, taking into consideration familial dynamics and systemic issues. Low pressure yet impactful homework will be given.  

In-Person Reading: I'm here to hold space for you to uncover subconscious shadows. This can be a delicate and life rocking process and I'm honoured to dig in alongside you.


Video Chat Reading: I set an intention and create a sacred space for the reading despite the distance. I can tap into your energy and connect with your Higher Self to cover a lot of emotional ground even with a screen between us.


  • $90
  • This reading is discounted from my standard 60 minute reading because it is a monthly reading.
  • Minimum 3 months commitment + ongoing thereafter (no need to pay 3 months in bulk)

Paying in USD? -- Pay here first, then use booking code PAYPAL444 when booking below.

*I am not a trained counsellor or medical professional, if you're in crisis please consult professional services.*