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image via unsplash

Traditionally, tithing has been tied to religious organisations where an individual donates a percentage of their income to support their place of worship.

Now, it's common practise to tithe by donating money to social and environmental justice organisations.

I tithe 2% of my income every other month to organisations whose mission aims to dismantle direct & residual effects of white supremacist-colonialist-cis-heteropatriarachial violences.

As of now, all tithing is going to organisations, but soon I would like to tithe to individuals either through platforms like Patreon or direct money transfer. 

Organisations of past & present tithing:

•SEPTEMBER 2018: Flat Out, Inc. - "Flat Out leads and participates in research and community education, seeking to inform the wider community about the harms that occur for women in the criminal justice system. Flat Out works directly with women who have experienced criminalisation and/or incarceration and to improve the rights and conditions of women in prison. Flat Out works to prevent women from going to prison, and keeping women out of prison once they are released."

•JULY 2018: Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project & RAICES