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Psyche is an In-Person Or Video Chat Reading @ 60 or 90 minutes

Psyche is the perfect reading if you're looking to dive deep into intuitive insight.
•Make sense of a large problem or thought process
•Consider fragmentations & integration of psyche
•Engage with your shadow self & inner child
•Examine the blocks to your artistic genius

In-Person Reading: I'm here to hold space for you to uncover subconscious shadows. This can be a delicate and life rocking process and I'm honoured to dig in alongside you.


Video Chat Reading: I set an intention and create a sacred space for the reading despite the distance. I can tap into your energy and connect with your Higher Self to cover a lot of emotional ground even with a screen between us.

One follow up question regarding the reading included


  • 60 min reading: $100

  • 90 min reading: $140

Paying in USD? -- Pay here first, then use booking code PAYPAL444 when booking below.

*I am not a trained counsellor or medical professional, if you're in crisis please consult professional services.*