I believe we all deserve space to heal and I strive to offer a safe and calm space for exploration into desires, shadows, and the mysteries of Self. We live in a world of familial dysfunction and systemic oppression leaving trauma a strong and ongoing potential. Through tarot we can engage with our Higher Selves to carve pathways out of shadows and on the road towards joy.  

I encourage queers, people of color, trans folks, folks with disabilities, witches, radicals, poets, artists, teachers, the broken hearted, Saturn Returners, those standing at a crossroads, those beginning a new chapter, those closing a chapter, or anyone who would like some insight to get in touch!

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Email Readings:

Have a single question that needs answering? Looking for compassionate guidance on a conflict, new job, new project, relationship, or difficult decision? Just looking for a self check in? - This reading is for you!

  • 3 card reading
  • Within two days of payment you will receive a personalized email write up about the reading along with a photo of your cards
  • One follow up question regarding the reading included
  • $25-40 sliding scale**

video chat or In Person:

Looking to dive in deep? Need to make sense of a large problem or thought process? Looking for guidance on your Saturn Return? Wondering how to work with your shadow self? Are you an artist looking to unblock the fog to your genius? Just want some deliciously deep knowledge on how you're going? - This reading is for you! 

  • Readings are 60 min and have around 8 cards
  • One follow up question regarding the reading included
  • $50-150 sliding scale**

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Gift Cards

  • available for any reading above
  • Expiry after 1 year
  • Price based on selected reading**
  • Perfect for a birthday, gift, or for someone who wants a reading but might not be financially able.
  • Hard copy available within Australia; digital card for overseas 


**I love the ability to offer sliding scale rates and hope for an honest policy that if your income allows to pay at the higher end of the scale to please do so.

**I am not a medical professional, if you are in crisis please reach out to a certified practitioner.**