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Do you offer gift cards? I did, but I don't anymore. Ethically, it felt weird to me that the recipient of the gift card might not even want a tarot reading as choosing to get a reading can be very personal. If you have a loved one that wants a reading for a birthday or important life event, I absolutely encourage that! You'll just have to organise it with your loved one first.     

****If you have a gift card you're looking to redeem, book using the booking code here or maybe you have my older gift card, then write to me here

What’s the difference between your 60 and 90 minute readings? 

1. There's a $30 difference in price. 

2. The container of time: with 90 minutes, we get to spend a longer time talking, co-creating with the cards, and moving a little slower over the topics you want to dive into. Some people feel that 60 min speeds by really fast so 90 min gives a chance to move slower into the reading. Some feel that 60 min is just right! It's up to you! 

What’s Cosmos about? Is it different than other readings? Cosmos is a 60 or 90 minute tarot + intuitive consult offering specifically for low income individuals. The bones of Cosmos is the same as my reading Psyche in that’s a one-off reading taking place in-person or distance and offers the same level of guidance, considerations and tarot immersion. The difference is solely in the price and ability for a mini payment plan. Because Cosmos is a lower priced reading, I’m only able to offer it twice a month. There is no gatekeeping with this reading, meaning if you feel in alignment to this price, book away!

Can you explain the Cosmos payment options? 

1. Pay full price upfront - 60 min @ $45 / 90 min @ $75


2. Pay using a mini payment plan:

  • a deposit of $25 is required

  • then pay the remainder @ least 24 hours before our scheduled meeting

  • the remainder for the 60 minute option is $20 & the remainder of the 90 minute option is $50, which you can pay as $50 or $25 & $25 (split payments).

  • Feel free to give yourself time between the initial booking of the appointment to the actual appointment to use the payment plan option

Unfortunately, if I don't receive the remainder of the booking investment 24 hours before our time together, I'll have to cancel the reading without refund of the deposit. Thank you for understanding.

Can I see you fortnightly or monthly? Yes! Vessel is a monthly 60 or 90 minute offering with an initial commitment of 3 sessions minimum and then ongoing. If you’d like to schedule fortnightly, you can use Vessel to book. You do not need to book 3 sessions in bulk unless you want to, the 3 month commitment is based on trust and can be scheduled month-to-month. 

What’s a Soul Contract? Soul Contracts's help each other learn lessons, through pain and joy, to give way to a greater understanding of ourselves and thus opening to a greater understanding of the collective. Intuitive consult & tarot is part of my Soul Contract to you. 

What decks do you use? I use Vessel Oracle + Morgan Greer + the Collective Tarot for client readings as well as the Next World Tarot for collective online readings. Currently I’m using the After Tarot for personal readings. 

What payment options are there? PayPal is the easiest, but I also take cash from established in-person clients and bank transfers from Australian clients. For the latter two options, write to me before booking so I can give you special a booking code. All payments are AUD.

Do you do house calls / What’s your home's accessibility? Yes and no. I absolutely will come to your home for a reading if my home is not accessible. I live right off the 86 tram with an incline driveway + three steps to the front door. Zero-to-low fragrance household. If my home is accessible, I’m not able to travel to you at this time. 

Do you read at events? I’m currently taking a break from reading at events, but might start again in the summer.  

Do you teach tarot / offer tarot mentorships? At the moment not specifically, but if you are seeing me for Vessel and are interested in learning/deepening your tarot practice, we can definitely get into that in session! 

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