July 10 - "In a Dream You Saw a Way..."



Swords represent the mental plane, and in my opinion, swords are the most human of the four suits. I'm sitting here drinking my coffee thinking of all the ways my mind is bound up, either by my own mental (un)wellness or by the projections others bestow on me. It's challenging and scary to face the tip of the sword and say "I'm being kept down, I am in a state of chaos because the way I was raised, and the current ways I'm being treated." Swords have the ability for reflection: what is being mirrored to you right now?

The Nine of Swords can be a scary one. I don't know if anyone enjoys being woken by ghosts, I don't know if anyone enjoys the cruelty of nightmares. When our hands are bound, there's a reason: what's holding us in place here? What ways can we learn self soothing? When the Nine Reverses, we have caught on, we have started to recognize the ways oppression has tied the knots.

While shuffling, the Three of Wands popped out, we're starting to be able to see the bigger picture, there's a future. So many of us queers might not fully believe there's a future possible because of violence laid upon us, especially for queers who are black, POC, poor, disabled, trans, undocumented. What future can we hold in our hearts? Can potential feelings of warmth and love help us to melt the ropes that bind us to pain?

Oppression will exist in and out of us, but it can be soothed and cradled by community, friends, movement(mental, physical and/or emotional), dream journaling, healthy anxiety coping mechanisms, talk therapy, al-anon/ACA, singing, writing, communication and mental stimulation.

"In a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy" -Jenny Holzer