On Prosperity

For months when people ask me, “how are you?”, I’ve stumbled and my mind has gone blank, I really couldn’t figure out what to say. “Fine” “ok” “good”, but none of those responses had any weight, they were just simply used so I’d have a response. 

Yesterday I met a friend for coffee and when she asked how I was I said “prosperous” and in that moment I was like wow now that response has weight. But what is it to be prosperous? Prosperity is usually linked to monetary wealth but what about the other types of wealth? I feel emotionally prosperous because of deep shadow work I’ve been doing, I feel physically prosperous because of the stretching I’ve been doing, I feel prosperous in friendship, not because I have a lot of friends but because the friends I do have are deep and meaningful. I most especially feel prosperous with ideas right now. I’m working on a pitch for Newcastle Young Writers Fest and I have so many ideas, my creative well is spilling over for tarot ideas and how to cultivate my business. 

So my question to you is, what is prosperity? How do feel prosperous? Is it having many plants in your bedroom? Finishing that journal of morning writing and moving to the next notebook? Is it having stacks of books? Having a savings account?  Lots of cash money? A friend dinner party? An abundance of food? Whatever it is, it’s your definition of prosperity and I hope there’s a wealth of it for you.

*cover photo by Sabrina Mazzeo via Unsplash

Nic Alea