9 of Pentacles - "Celebrating the Ways You've Learned to Survive"

A universal messed on healing - we know this and it is important to be affirmed: the process of healing does not come over night, it's a journey, a life long journey. We are constantly confronted by shadows past and present, we can become so overwhelmed that we need to take breaks, assess ourselves, talk to others before we can jump back into the deep waters of trauma healing. I speak a lot on trauma healing, not because I feel I'm some expert--I'm not, but it is a subject that flows through me at every possible moment, whether my own traumas or that of others and the world. Trauma work is delicate, to speak on our trauma(s) is terrifying. It's in our muscles, our cells, it's passed down from generation to generation, whether familial or culturally. To work with our shadows is what it means to be human. Some of us come into this life and decide -I'm gonna work on shadows this time around- and some of us come in -I'm not going to go into it- and either way is fine! But for those working on the deep healing - the 9 of Pentacles shows abundance and pay off after a journey of hardship. There's mood shifts, desperation, lack, diligent healing, putting the healing down for a bit before returning. The 9 is here to remind us that we can be fabulous amongst our healing, that we can attract decadence and abundance even when there's so much to do. The message on healing right now opens the door for celebrating yourself, celebrating the lengths you've gone to survive, celebrating the ways you've learned/are learning to care for yourself. Paint your lips your favorite color, dance to Green Light by lorde (or don't but really really do), eat a pizza, buy a lush bath bomb, do what makes you feel bright and colorful and honor the work you've done so far, you can come back in a minute to continue to strive for your highest good.