Oppression / The Devil

The Collective Tarot

The Collective Tarot


When we first meet him, he holds our trauma in his palms. Core wounds mixing in with the sweat of his stinking hands, the sulfur rising off his back into steam. If we understand love then we can understand fear, and both are incredibly hard.

In terms of the universe and attraction, love and fear are part of similar vibrations. They are the axis of each other which puts the card of Oppression, or traditionally the Devil, as the opposite of love. The Devil and the Lovers present a similar situation, both are about curiosity and choices. One exists in the realm of addictive coping mechanisms and the other in assessing the importance of intimacy(emotional and/or physical) in relationships.

The Devil resides in a place of shadows, the shadows of the human psyche. These shadows are personal and collective. The collective shadows of racism, transphobia, sexism, xenophobia, etc are all places that we, as a collective, need to walk into in order to unlearn and become awakened to resistance of government and militarized police.

We also see the shadows with our own personal traumas. This is, quite frankly, walking into hell. The Devil is in the position of holding us back from our truth by directing our attention towards addictions and self sabotage. Shadow work is some of the hardest work a person can do; it’s painful, triggering, and can cause chaos in a persons life. Substance coping mechanisms are put into place for these exact reasons. The Devil is mirroring right where you're at. 

If we are in a place where we can be that vulnerable to travel into the depths, then we need to walk there. In our shadows are our potentials.

The Devil is an Oppressive force. The Collective Tarot reimagined the Devil card as Oppression because they both function as an extreme power dynamic. Oppression exists in subtle and overt ways, Oppression keeps people away from their deepest Self. Oppression keeps people in a state of fear and violence without a choice for opportunity or relief. 

If there are abilities to make choices in your life, then this is a time to change. The Devil is Saturn, is Capricorn, is hard work. Saturn is a planet that influences us to face our deepest fears. The Devil is our deepest fears because he holds all our insecurities and flaws. The thing about the Devil is that as soon as self awareness hits, the movement away from him is possible.

This card is one that is waving a huge red flag asking you to consider yourself and your circumstances. The Devil is the reality check. The Devil is us, the Devil is other people. This is a time to consider the ways your addictive tendencies prevent growth. This is one of the hardest things to do: face yourself through the eyes of the Devil. Working with core wounding is the way past the Devil.

Challenge: What is your Devil and how does he keep you in a place of fear, hopelessness, and anxiety?