Origins of My Main Deck

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Had a chat with my deck this afternoon! I got my deck from an unnamed source where I really had no information on whose hands shuffled these cards before me. The Morgan-Greer deck was published in 1979, 8 years before I was born and is based off our goddess of art, Pamela Coleman Smith's illustrations of the Waite-Smith deck. This deck and I have been working together 2+ years.

I first asked how many different people have worked w this deck, I asked for a number association - Ten of Wands. I said, "ten!?" out loud, but then reminded myself this deck is 38 years old and has the smell of a library of ancient texts.

I asked next what the essence of the last person who worked with this deck - Three of Cups Reversed - someone a bit lonely without a strong community foundation, someone who maybe didn't have a lot, or any, joy in their life. Someone with a feminine energy, regardless of gender.  

Was the deck for personal use or for reading others? Upright will be personal and Reversed will be others - Five of Pentacles - this deck worked w this person to help with depression, lack mindset and feelings of loneliness. I give love to the previous handler of these cards!

And lastly, how does this deck feel working with me? - The Chariot - we are in alignment, the Chariot is my card in terms of my numerology, we work swiftly and challenge the deep Cancerian waters, we work with momentum together, sometimes I'm the horses, sometimes the deck is the horses