Nic Alea

is a queer/non-binary interdisciplinary writer & intuitive with a BA in Creative Writing. They hold fellowship from the Lambda Literary Foundation and have work published in Muzzle Magazine, the Paris American, Write Bloody, BOAAT, Lambda Literary, Souvenir Magazine, Reservoir, decomP and others. In 2014, Nic was rated one SF Weekly's "Best Writers without a Book" and has performed at the National Queer Arts Festival, the Santa Cruz Music Festival, and Lit Quake.

Current interests include: exploration of the extrasensory experience, interactions of queerness in both sexual and non-sexual capacities, understanding of God/Source/Christ consciousness; intersections of trauma around fatness and desire resulting in ichthyophobia.

They are currently working on two poetry manuscripts, chapbook & full length.

Nic also moonlights as Soul Contract Tarot, offering tarot and intuitive counsel. They co-create with tarot to assess desires, fears, creativity, and innate wisdom to access empowerment and resiliency. Their practice is informed by emotional healing, inner child/teen work, the spiritual linking with the political, and deep compassion for the fragmented self.