About Soul Contract Tarot

About Soul Contract Tarot

Soul Contract Tarot is a project that I've been steadily working on for the last two years. Soul Contracts are almost exactly what they sound like - contracts between souls. But how is that different from soul mates? With Soul Contracts, anyone that comes into your world that sparks a connection is a soul contract. Partners, parents, friends, pets, and even the person who smiled at you on the street, or the person who asked you for directions - all soul contracts. 

Booking a reading with me is a Soul Contract. SC's help each other learn lessons in simple and complex ways, and tarot is my Soul Contract to you. 

I use the Morgan Greer deck and will sometimes use the Goddess Tarot or the Collective Tarot depending on which deck calls to me. 

Why Tarot?

I read tarot because I am a trauma survivor. Because I am an empath. Because I’m queer. Because I am an intuitive. Because tarot is a visual gateway into the deeper realms of Self. 

A large portion of my time incarnate in this life is to provide space for understanding the Self and therefore the entry way to understand the larger collective consciousness. I read cards because I am a visual learner and am able to translate, through intuition and knowledge, the messages that the Higher Self, ancestors, collective, guides bring forth for the Seeker.  

I use tarot to explore the roots of trauma, to explore the paths towards and away from fear, to explore the way joy spills out of our hands like water, to breathe breath back into loss, to facilitate a space for grief, tears, epiphanies, understanding. 

My philosophies around the spiritual Self and the magic of the Universe are that tarot is a tool for healing and exploration. Tarot can guide us but it cannot make our decisions for us, we must engage in our assertive freewill as we inquire into our deepest selves and ask for the mysteries of our journeys be brought to the surface. 

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*”For anyone interested, I had a reading with Nic this week, and it was incredible. It was the first time we had spent proper time together, and I felt completely comfortable and open, as if speaking with a trusted friend. It was such a fascinating way to converse and process, bringing our knowledge of the cards and of life in general together, sharing experiences and knowledge – a vibrant and useful conversation indeed. I sorted out a lot in myself in that hour, and left feeling calm, understanding, and having eased some concerns. Highly recommended.” — Jordan

*”The reading was amazing and I wanted to pay more than I could as you clearly have a gift and read me to filth! Can’t wait for Skype readings plz!!!!” -Trixie

*”My reading was a magical healing encounter. Nic is very perceptive and such a great communicator. I felt really held and comfortable, therefore able to get vulnerable and real. They read through the cards with me in a really caring and accessible way, listening and connecting to how I relate these new insights to my life. Our journey through tarot together was powerful and relevant for me. I left feeling grounded in myself and happy to have shared such a positive and open encounter with a stranger.” -Ryan

*”I had an intuitive reading in october 2015 with Nic. It was a really pleasant and enlightening experience. I’ve had my cards read before but really appreciated Nic’s approach which was less prescriptive than other readings I’d had. I felt deeply involved in the process as we discussed the cards, and Nic’s ability to gauge big themes in my life from the cards was spot on. The experience clarified several emotional issues I’d been avoiding and ultimately made me feel more prepared for the future. Couldn’t recommend more highly!” – Harriet

*”My tarot reading with Nic was so lovely, safe and healing. Nic has such amazing and welcoming energy and really communicates with you to provide a helpful and informative reading. I felt like someone was there to talk openly and comfortably with about what I was feeling and needed to move forward, as well as helping me to to interpret what the cards were telling me & answer the questions I did and didn’t know I had. Nic is awesome and if you get a chance to do a reading with them you definitely should, it is a safe, magical and lovely time!” -Lec