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*Soul Contract Tarot acknowledges that all readings take place on land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations, sovereignty has not been ceded. Always was and always will be Indigenous land.*


• Cancer Rising • Sagittarius Sun • Aquarius Moon •

Hi, I’m Nic! 


Originally from suburbs of Los Angeles + SF/Bay Area, I now live in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia). I'm a queer non-binary poetwriter & intuitive with a strong connection to my child self and spirit team (especially my main guide, Darius). I have been working with the tarot for almost ten years for personal healing and opened to working with clients in 2015. 

Although I am not a certified counsellor, my style in sessions comes from a counselling model: I listen, I hold space, I give you my unconditional presence, and offer genuine reflection and considerations. Because I’m also channelling information (from my guides, my higher self + your guides, higher self and inner child) we might unearth a lot of content in one session and I aim to create a container of trust to fully engage with the deep subconscious. 

As a survivor of childhood trauma living with a phobia, I bring forth real life understanding of depression, anxiety, and post traumatic symptoms. My goal is for us to discover ways to invite healing to the wounded parts of Self in order to integrate into resiliency with compassion and kindness. 

I am committed to constant evolution of my wounded self and my privileged self and strive to hold accountability and intersectionality within my personal and professional practices. 


My Deepest Interests: 

Anything that you want to bring to the table in a session is what I'm excited to dive into! With that, I also am very interested in trauma work, phobias, mother/father wound, familial dysfunction & enmeshment, codependency, inner child & inner teen work, the spiritual is political, altar building, queerness, wounded healer, creativity, spiritual awakening, the collective is the personal and vice versa, birth stories, the incarnate body, practical ways forward, integration, to name a few. 


My Philosophy:

Tarot is a tool for healing and exploration. Tarot can guide us but it cannot make our decisions for us, we must engage in our assertive freewill as we inquire into our deepest selves. I use tarot to facilitate a space for grief, tears, epiphanies, understanding; to open opportunities for prosperity and the priceless wealth of communicating with ones Higher Self. A tarot reading is a single step along the paths of death and rebirth. 

co-creation • witness • affirmation • joy •integration •empowerment


My hope is that you’ll leave a session feeling more empowered to engage with healing work spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

I strongly believe in the power of working with the inner child. 

I strongly believe that personal healing generates expansion for collective healing.

The Spiritual is political, thus my politics are an intrinsic part of my spiritual practice. 

*You should know, I do use swear words and that I do not view tarot as a party trick. Although we'll probably share a laugh in session, if you’re looking for something light, I’m not the reader for you!

"When we let Spirit lead us, it is impossible to know where we are being led. All we know, all we can believe, all we can hope is that we are going home, that wherever Spirit takes us is where we live.”

-Alice Walker


I host clients in my home (Northern Suburbs) for in-person & online sessions.

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“I’ve had sessions with Nic over Skype and in person. Both times they’ve approached the reading with empathy, understanding and encouragement. Over Skype they delivered some very specific and meaningful messages, despite the fact I couldn’t divulge a lot about my situation (There was someone in the room with me). The face-to-face reading became a wonderful conversation between Nic, myself and the cards. Nic was able to take my spiritual beliefs into account and read from within that framework, which I really appreciated. They’re an extremely gifted reader who is passionate about Tarot and channelling guidance through the cards. I’ve recommended Nic to several friends and family members and they were equally as impressed and grateful as I was. I look forward to my next reading! -K”

“Nic is an incredible reader. Very wise, an encyclopaedic knowledge of the tarot & the spiritual world. They bring a deep empathy, emotional intelligence & very good political lens to their readings. They make me feel seen♥️ -B”

“Nic is a brilliant reader and a really genuine, intuitive person. It was great to have my cards read by someone so empathetic. I found my session to be not only completely spot on but also quite in-depth and thought-provoking. It gave me clarity that I wouldn’t have been able to find on my own. –C”

“Nic is full of deep insight, encouragement, and just the right amount of worldly advice. They have a way of translating spirit messages with an ease that subtly transforms what is familiar, a skill that is truly healing and powerful. Our reading will be resonating strong with me as I grow through all we spoke on. If you are looking for some insight and strength or a way to break through any blocks creatively, spiritually or in general, I highly suggest booking a reading. –E”

“For anyone interested, I had a reading with Nic this week, and it was incredible. It was the first time we had spent proper time together, and I felt completely comfortable and open, as if speaking with a trusted friend. It was such a fascinating way to converse and process, bringing our knowledge of the cards and of life in general together, sharing experiences and knowledge – a vibrant and useful conversation indeed. I sorted out a lot in myself in that hour, and left feeling calm, understanding, and having eased some concerns. Highly recommended. –J”

“My reading was a magical healing encounter. Nic is very perceptive and such a great communicator. I felt really held and comfortable, therefore able to get vulnerable and real. They read through the cards with me in a really caring and accessible way, listening and connecting to how I relate these new insights to my life. Our journey through tarot together was powerful and relevant for me. I left feeling grounded in myself and happy to have shared such a positive and open encounter with a stranger. –R”

“I had an intuitive reading in october 2015 with Nic. It was a really pleasant and enlightening experience. I’ve had my cards read before but really appreciated Nic’s approach which was less prescriptive than other readings I’d had. I felt deeply involved in the process as we discussed the cards, and Nic’s ability to gauge big themes in my life from the cards was spot on. The experience clarified several emotional issues I’d been avoiding and ultimately made me feel more prepared for the future. Couldn’t recommend more highly! –H”

“Nic creates a safe, welcoming and powerful space for our readings. I always come away feeling affirmed, lifted and more centred. Nic and their cards also have ways of reminding me of the things I forget or lose a bit of faith in, like a little soft but determined nudge. Readings with Nic are gentle, understanding, but powerful and real. I tell everyone that asks me about tarot to go see them, to be honest. –L”