*Soul Contract Tarot acknowledges that all readings take place on land of the Wurundjeri people of Kulin nations, sovereignty has not been ceded. Always was and always will be Indigenous land.*

I provide insightful, healing, and intuitive readings with the use of playfulness and shadow work. From a non-binary queer perspective, I'm here as the facilitation between you and your higher self. 

A large portion of my time incarnate in this life is to provide space for understanding the Self and therefore the entry way to understand the larger collective consciousness. I read cards because I am a visual learner and am able to translate, through intuition and knowledge, the messages that the Higher Self, ancestors, collective, guides bring forth for the Seeker.  

I use tarot to explore the roots of trauma, to explore the paths towards and away from fear, to explore the way joy spills out of our hands like water, to breathe breath back into loss, to facilitate a space for grief, tears, epiphanies, understanding. 

My philosophies around the spiritual Self and the magic of the Universe are that tarot is a tool for healing and exploration. Tarot can guide us but it cannot make our decisions for us, we must engage in our assertive freewill as we inquire into our deepest selves and ask for the mysteries of our journeys be brought to the surface. 

Booking a reading with me is a Soul Contract. SC's help each other learn lessons, through pain and joy, to give way to a greater understanding of ourselves. Tarot is my Soul Contract to you.