tarot 4 poets & writers

dive in, unblock, get inspired, & become open to writing

  • Are you a poet or writer struggling with writer's block, motivation, or direction for a project?

  • Maybe you've got a really great idea for a book, play, or poetic endeavour but not quite sure how to execute it. 

  • Maybe you've always written here or there and now you're starting to think "I Am a Writer" rather than "Am I a Writer?"

As long as you've got the willingness to wipe off the mirror and see what's blocking you from accessing your creative source,

then I am here to help! 

I've designed a 5 card reading to figure out where your creative blockages are, how to get organised (or get messy!) and the best way to keep you focused. We're going to get clear with your goals and tap into the deep space of your creativity.

Although I've got a general sense of where creative blockages come from (hello childhood wounding), every reading with be personalised to your situation. 

•We step into our creative power when we recognise that we have unique creative gifts to share with the world•

Readings are 45 min delivered by video chat or voice call (FaceTime, Skype, Google Hang)

TAROT 4 POETS & WRITERS readings are $75

Ready to book? Hell yeah!